Wednesday, February 9, 2011

on former thoughts remembered


A few nights ago I remembered a thought I had way back when we were still in the long process of trying to get pregnant.
It was probably about 2 years ago
I remember thinking

I wonder if God is not letting us get pregnant now because of our financial situation.
Wouldn’t it be just like God to have us get pregnant like the month we get out of debt
Maybe he’d do that so my whole pregnancy wouldn’t be spent stressing about money.

And now here we are.
As of last Monday night, we are officially out of credit card debt.
That weight has officially been lifted off our shoulders

But what's better yet is that we’re not hoping to get pregnant this month like we had been in the past

In all of God’s irony
Isn’t it fitting that the dream I had of how God would work – he one upped me.
I’m not hoping to get pregnant this month
I’m planning to have a baby 
(this month preferably, but possibly the beginning of next)

And as the thoughts of former wonderings crept into my conscious,
I paused in awe – again.

Not only does He know what’s best for us – but he does what’s even better!

*photo of a stack of little baby onesies...


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