Saturday, February 5, 2011

granny square blanket: completed


i have made four blankets over the years.

My first blanket project turned into a “car cover” – literally
When curtis and I were dating I decided that for our first valentine’s day I would crochet him a blanket. It was soft and thick, charcoal grey.
But I didn’t know how to properly measure, or plan, and after months of crocheting away, when I finally stopped, it was large enough to cover a king sized bed (when it was folded in half!)
It’s nickname became a car cover and although i was thoroughly ridiculed by many (except my kind bf at the time, who, although he thought i was getting him a leather jacket, opened up a blanket instead, was still gracefully thankful, and who bought me small diamond hoop earrings for said v-day) – we still use it on occasion on frigid nights, tucked between sheet and comforter for an extra layer of handmade warmth.

My second blanket turned out quite adorably. I decided to use up a bunch of scraps to make a little throw. I think I finished it one afternoon while at a friend’s house, and upon her compliment of it – I just gave it to her. She has a chair in her house that it went with adorably and it makes me happy to see it draped over the back of the chair when we go over there. That, and it turned out to be a tiny blanket, and they’re tiny little people, so it fits them better than it would've us.

My third blanket was started years ago and is still sitting half done in our basement. A cute striped little diddle of brown, cream, magenta and some variegated version of all of them intermingled. But it was boring to make so i left it high and dry for other more difficult knitting projects. Maybe once this babe is born, I’ll whip it out for those long lazy days (or nights) that’ll be in need of mindless movement. i doubt it but who knows. i really do hate unfinished projects.

Then came the granny square vision of grandeur.

I saw some blankets online and decided I NEEDED to make one. I had pictures in my head of exactly how I wanted it to turn out and I must say, the finished version is pretty close.

I stopped making sqares when I hit about 100 – thinking that would for sure give me enough for a full-sized throw and some extra squares to make a pillow –
Little did I know it takes a LOT of those squares to make a baby-sized blanket, so a little lap blanket will have to do. But now that it’s complete, I love it just the same.

There are very few times that something in my head turns out exactly the way I wanted it – but this time I must’ve gotten lucky –

I love love love it!

And so does Mea – every time I've gotten it out in the last couple days she's run over to me and curled up on it, a sweet white little ball of fur on a background of color.
I cannot wait to take baby pictures of the boy laying on it, but until then, these will have to do.











so, what do you think?


Kate said...

Love it! It turned out so adorable! Good work, Jess. And correction to your blanket count- you made me a blanket year for my birthday right after we moved into this house- brown and aqua and we still use it!

jess said...

man, my memory IS fuzzy -- i do vaguely recall this one too! sorry to forget it!

Rona said...

I love it too! It will be an heirloom in your family. M will feel the love. BTW you look great!

Amie said...

Beautiful!! And it matches M's bedroom perfectly!

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