Tuesday, February 15, 2011

big and ready


The last few days at work have been uncomfortable and dare i say it - miserable
Not work-wise, but comfort-wise.
I ache, my back hurts and my ankles and feet swell up so bad,
despite trying to get up and walk around and chugging more water than I ever have in my life

This isn’t fun anymore.
As of right now, I only have seven (7!!!) more days in the office until maternity leave begins.
I think I’m going to stop a week before my actual due date and take the last of my vacation days and waiting it out while getting stuff done.
I’ve got big plans that week (if this boy doesn’t come early!)
I will clean and organize and make meals to freeze like it’s my job.
Although I have a feeling this is all a mute point, as I’m pretty certain he will be coming before March 5th.

Did I tell you that at my doctor’s appointment last Wednesday I had an ultrasound.
And guess what the ultrasound told us???!!!
They estimate that our boy is already 7 lbs. 11 oz. and in the 93rd percentile.
And based on those measurements I am measuring 2 weeks and 2 days ahead of schedule
That means, while today I’m exactly 37 weeks and 3 days, I’m measuring like I’m 39 weeks and 5 days!
Although I am not dilated, effaced or anything like that – yet –
He has begun to drop (although she said he’s still got a ways to go)
Everyone, including my doctor is convinced he will be here before my due date.
Music to my ears I tell ya!

But although that was the best news we could have anticipated (did I tell you how I was at risk for premature labor originally?!)
It has amped our preparations into full gear
This weekend we packed my hospital bag and the diaper bag
We took the hospital tour of labor and delivery and
We pre-registered
we put together our baby swing and bouncer

On Friday night I even had two contractions within an hour.
But my excitement came too soon, because there was no third one.
I was bummed for a while, but then realized, he’ll come when he’s good and ready.
And I don’t want to rush him or miss out on how great these last few weeks can actually be – just the two of us!

Like last night - we made eggplant parmasean together
had a quiet dinner by candle light and enjoyed our last Valentine's Day as a family of two.
it was mellow and perfect, and just what we both needed.


Anonymous said...

Be careful about believing ultrasound measurements. My daughter measured 7 1/2 lbs 2 weeks before she was born. She was 6 lbs 4 oz at birth.

The Harringtons said...

Oh Jess, you are so close!! I love how you relish in the excitement of each doctor's apt and contraction. I can't wait to hear the details of your delivery!! We're cheering for you!!

jess said...

Update for blog readers!
Micah David Penick
Born on Feb 19 2011
7lbs 9oz
21 Inches long
Mom and baby are healthy and happy!


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