Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4 minutes before my water broke...

Micah's in the sling (made my by darling friend Leanne) wrapped around my middle and we all (the three of us!) sit at the table (the boppy pillow under my bottom) and we dilly-dally on our laptops. me on facebook and google reader, Curtis tying up loose ends on his work computer (i guess i was the only one who's dilly-dallying). He starts laughing and begins to read me an email i sent him from work just minutes before my water broke at 1:15pm on Feb. 17th.

Maybe i'm the only one who gets a kick out of this, but hey, here you go anyways. A glimpse into the productivity level of a pregnant lady:

From: Jessica Penick []
Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2011 1:11 PM
To: Penick,Curtis,SOLON,Supply Chain Performance

I was super productive this morning and now I’m just hitting a walllllll.
Help me! I’m so tired.
Even eating lunch didn’t help.
So glad we have a night off tonight – I need it
What’cha gonna make me for dinner? J

Senior Search & Media Associate
yeah right, a night off! ha. 
little did i know i'd walk to the bathroom after sending this email and my water would break.
little did i know that i would grab my things and dash out the door to my car without telling a soul.
little did i know that i'd get out of my car in our driveway and then my water would really break (wet down to my shoes)
little did i know that 23 hours later i'd have my boy in my arms
little did i know that it wouldn't be the night off that i wanted so bad, but probably the least relaxing night of my entire life.
and little did i know that 4 minutes after sending that pathetic sounding email to my husband, a whirlwind of events would change our lives forever.


david said...

Awsomely written. I love it . Little did you know .

Rona said...

First of all, you look so wonderful. Just like you pick up the baby at the baby store. Secondly, he looks so sweet tucked in that thing that I want to put my head in there and smell him and kiss him. I can smell that little boy from here. That sweet smelling baby smell, that amniotic fluid smell, that mommies never ever ever forget. You lucky can kiss and smell all day....and night.

marisa said...

congratulations! you look fabulous + it's clear that motherhood suits you. :)

David + Kim said...

What a great story - thanks for sharing!! And, you do look great - congratulations to you and Curtis!!

Veda Penick said...

I miss him terribly!

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