Saturday, January 8, 2011

what i did on my christmas vacation


Left work a little early

Ate thai food with curtis’ family

Sat through curtis’ riveting graduation ceremony

Threw him a party to celebrate

Shopped till we dropped

Went to holiday costume party sans costume

Packed for Chicago

Drove to Chicago

Explored a german market and navy pier in Chicago

Crocheted 36 new granny squares

Gave and got a ton of gifts

Took a nap on Christmas day

Drove home with lots of potty breaks

Celebrated curtis’ birthday with an Indian feast treated by my parents

Made some returns

Did more shopping

Met some girlfriends for our once yearly lunch

Went out for a brunch date with my man

Ran into said girlfriend from above lunch randomly at a coffee shop

Sat and talked for hours

Went to bed early

Woke up early

Took down Christmas decorations before new years

Got my car fixed

Got sushi and thai food with friends on new year’s eve

Watched a kids movie and fell asleep before midnight

Stopped by a new year’s day party at a neighbor’s

Spent the evening snacking and laughing with friends

Returned to church after a month-long break

Shared a milkshake over lunch on my last day off

Ran around and did errands alone for the first time in two weeks

Missed him as I drove in silence pondering how our life is going to change

Went out for Mexican with most of my family

Ended vacation watching the second half of a movie we’d already started while snuggled on the couch

Went to bed early

Woke up to the start of eight more weeks sans baby

Repeated, “I think I can, I think I can,” over and over through a painful first day back.


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