Monday, January 24, 2011

ultimate anti-winter smoothie recipe


It has been so cold
So cold.
So it’s peculiar that I’ve been drinking fruit smoothies like it’s summer
But hey
They’re healthy and I’m pregnant and it could be so much worse

Here’s the one I created today:

small coconut greek yogurt
frozen banana
Handful of frozen pineapple chunks
Handful of ice cubes
Splash of orange juice
Almond milk until consistency is right


Sip and think of sun-shined skin
Sand between toes
And reading while watching
waves crashing on shore

And forget about cold and snow
And wind chills below zero
Runny noses and ice cold toes

Spring is almost here
(at least that’s what I’m telling myself!)


David + Kim said...

Now THIS is something I can get behind!!

Amie said...

sounds sooooooooo good!

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