Thursday, January 27, 2011

this week's pregnancy stats


I follow {the blog} of a girl I used to know.
She’s also pregnant, due only a couple weeks ahead of me.
Every week or so she writes a blog post full of pregnancy stats
It’s cute and it lets us see the progress of her pregnancy.
I know I haven’t done it week by week, but I thought it would be fun to share my stats as well
So here you go…

How far along am I? 35 weeks

Total weight gain: she stopped telling after a while, but heck, who cares…I’m 5 weeks out and have gained about 30 lbs. I feel like a whale but I don’t think I look THAT huge…I think it was silly to assume that since I didn’t gain at all (actually lost) during the first four months, I would gain less over the course of the next two. It catches up and I’m happy with that number, although at the end of the night, my feet may not be!
Maternity clothes: I have about 4 pairs of maternity jeans, but only a couple of shirts, I’m making due with what I have and I must say, for all the snarky comments I’ve gotten about refusing to buy a lot of clothes it’s actually working pretty well for me. I was never one to wear a lot of tight tops anyways, so I’m working with my longer, stretchier shirts and my large selection of cardigans are really working well for me.
Sleep? Sleep is getting harder and harder and not refreshing like it used to be. just this last week I’ve started dreading sleep, even though I find myself exhausted at 8pm. Rolling over is difficult and I literally wake up every time I move – between that and getting up to pee, I’m definitely getting ready for the lack of sleep that will be for other (cuter) reasons soon.

Best moment this past week: childbirth class with my man. Although it wasn’t the greatest class, I found it to be a really great bonding time with Curtis. Although I gawked and snickered at the breathing and practice exercises, it was just a fun day giggling with him through serious tee hee haaa breathing moments and letting him rub my back as we lounged on pillows. It also solidified what kind of birth we want and made us even more excited (and not grossed out) about our impending labor experience.

Movement: Lots! And another interesting fact – I’ve felt most of his movement on my left side. It’s almost like he snuggles up on my left side and refuses to move sometimes. Yesterday morning my OB noticed this fact and told me that she thinks it’s because of my unicornuate uterus, because most women feel the majority of movement on the right side.

Cravings: nope, none. I wish I did. I think I’ve been easy on the food end. No food aversions, no cravings, no heartburn. I’ve only had acid reflux once, but it was my fault because I chugged a glass of orange juice at a morning work meeting and then found myself laughing hysterically at something someone said, making me throw up in my mouth just a little bit. Whoops. Lesson learned.

Name: We’ve have one for a while now. We are telling people, but have decided to keep it off of the blog and facebook until he’s here. So wait for a grand announcement once he’s born.

Labor signs: nope. I had one Braxton hicks contraction about a month ago and then nothing. However, last week he “dropped” and now I feel like a (not) lean, mean waddling machine!

Belly button in or out: I know it sounds weird but it is half in and half out. I think it may be due to the fact that I used to have my belly button pierced – went and screwed it all up. However, if I’m laying back and use my stomach muscles (or what’s left of them) to hoist myself up, or if I get on a major giggle fest, it does poke out all over and look like a very messed up outie on top of a triangular belly mountain. Sounds weird, but if you saw it, that’s exactly what it looks like.

What I miss: raw sushi & margaritas – however, last night i got sushi with a friend, the cooked stuff which isn't as good, but will have to hold me over for a few more weeks. Although, the soy definitly didn't help the swollen feet -- they looked like little sausage toes by the end of the night.
Weekly wisdom: hmmm, this is a tricky one. I actually haven’t gotten a lot of wisdom recently, but something I told myself and others, including my doctor confirmed  is that it’s great to have a birth plan, but it’s also wise to be open to whatever happens. If the end result is a healthy baby and a healthy mommy, then if I can’t go natural, or we need a c-section (or whatever) it’s okay. It’s still a beautiful moment, and your still his mom and you still gave him life and helped him grow for many many months, and it’s still a birth. I thought that was great wisdom.
Milestone: While I’m not quite considered full term yet (that comes at the 37 week mark) my doctor told me today that if I did go into labor right now, they wouldn’t try to stop it. This was great news to hear, because despite not mentioning it here much, I only have one fallopian tube and really only half a uterus, so the fear was I wouldn’t be able to carry to full term. They said it wasn’t the case in all unicornuate uterus cases, but it is the most common risk. I really hadn’t thought about it in a while and hearing that this morning – that we are pretty much out of the woods in terms of risk at this point was very happy news.

Well there you go! Hope you enjoyed this little peak into my pregnancy. only 5 (or hopefully less!) more weeks to go!


Certified Doctor said...

Great picture, good to know that you are open about your weight gain & hope all goes smoothly.

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