Friday, January 7, 2011

tea and sympathy...lots and lots of sympathy


well, not really
when i'm sick, i usually don't want much sympathy
(that's more my husband's style)
i'm one of those sickies that likes better to be left to myself

today i'm home
still in my pajamas
sitting on our new living room shag rug and trying to work with a bounty of cold remedies surrounding me

a glass of water
a glass of orange juice
a finished cup of coffee
a pot of hot water on the stove for the cup of tea i'm about to go make
a box of kleenex
neosporin (to rub under my raw nose)
vicks nasal spray
and rosebud salve (for my lips and nose)
my cell phone
fireplace remote
and laptop

in the kitchen looks like a similar remedy warzone
the netti pot sits by the sink
next to salt, baking soda and a teaspoon to stir

my sinuses are too clogged and swollen
the water solution won't flow through
but i keep trying
baking soda is supposed to help loosen the mucus
we'll see

i just finished off my second box of kleenex
and everything from my chest up, hurts
but at least last night i slept

my doctor told me i could take benadryl
so i took her up on it and took it
slept like a baby minus a trip or two to the bathroom and to blow my nose
i woke up feeling like crap again, but at least i slept

now, i sit and type as mea sleeps next to me
and i think about what i should wear to my baby shower tomorrow (i know, deep thoughts!)
in a minute i'll get up to make tea
and maybe toast
and get back to work
and pray this cold doesn't linger too far into the weekend...


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