Thursday, January 6, 2011

but i don't have time to be sick...


on tuesday night i knew i was coming down with something.
i just knew it
i didn't have the symptoms yet, but i could feel them brewing
wednesday morning i woke up feeling like crap
then last night rolled around and i literally was up every hour on the hour
to sneeze, blow excess liquid out of my completely clogged nose and cough
oh, and i guess i can admit, by 4 am i was crying i was so tired
and poor curtis had to listen, or try to ignore - not sure which
but i got up this morning, against my body's temper tantrum and got ready
i had an important breakfast i had to be at and was determined not to miss it.
then, instead of following my gut and going back home to bed,
i ventured into work
but only made it to noon before waving my white flag in defeat
i drove home
a box of kleenex my co-pilot and did some work on the couch before trying
to sleep off whatever was inhabiting my body
the sleep was not a healing sleep and i woke up feeling worse than before
earlier curtis told me i should go to the doctor
and i resisted, but after that nap i broke down and called when i thought about my last night's sleep
plus, i have a lot going on this weekend that i can't be sick or contagious for
they had no appointments for this afternoon or tomorrow so i hung up and was going to call the urgent care center
until the receptionist called me back, telling me they could probably sneak me in if i came right then
so i did
i bundled up and trudged out into the snow, hoping for some relief
and relief came in a z-pack, again
i was just on it like a month ago, but after she told me i had two ear infections and another sinus infection
i knew i needed something to put me out of my misery
so i filled the Rx, came home, make a cup of tea, took the first dose and sat in the kitchen in silence and pain until curtis got home
so now i'm just praying that it kicks in and kicks in quick
i'm tired and my nose is raw from all the blowing
oh, and just now, as i was writing this, i think i had my first ever braxton hicks contraction
i've got a crazy, exciting life people - seriously, now i'm really ready for bed!


Kate said...

sorry you're so sick, but glad you listened to your husband and went to the dr. sleep well and feel better!

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