Thursday, December 9, 2010

the times, they are a’changing…


Have I mentioned that we’ve got some BIG stuff going on around the Penick abode over the next few months?
However, if you think it’s a rarity that so many big things are happening to us all at once, then you’d be mistaken.

About four and a half/ five years ago I was finishing up my last semester of college.
We were engaged and I was simultaneously planning a wedding as I read about a book a day for my senior thesis class.
Then I wrote a paper that was over 30 pages and thus graduated.
Less than a month later, we were married.
Less than two weeks later, Curtis began working at Nestle.
Less than a year later we got a dog,
Then I got an internship
Right as we were buying our first house
And literally the week of the closing, my internship offered me a full-time position
And so our life together began.
In a whirlwind of change.

The last couple years have had their ups and downs –
House renovations
Getting out of debt
Curtis in school while he works full-time
You name it,
But it’s been nothing if it hasn’t been pretty consistently busy, 
busy but steady

Until now.

In a mere week and a half Curtis will (finally) graduate from CSU.
Now, I don’t say finally because I think it took him too long (although he may disagree)
I say finally because he has worked so hard for so long, balancing work and school
And I'm just so ready for him to be done because i just miss him.

Last night when he called me on his way home from class he told me – “in a week and a half, you get your husband back.”

I paused for a moment and then laughed as i responded, “back? I feel like I’m getting you for the first time all to myself. You’ve been in school since we’ve been dating. I’m not getting you back, I’m just getting you!”

So, on December 19th, Curtis will graduate.
Then it’s Christmas and by the end of the year we will officially be debt-free.
Then in January we will officially be in the black, as we’ll get back Curtis’ last CSU school reimbursement from good ole’ Nestle, which will hopefully pay off the rest of my car.

Curtis keeps saying, “I think I’m going to be bored once I graduate.” And my response has been (and continues to be) a hearty laugh.

“You have no idea, Curtis! You don’t even realize what you’re in for come March! Boredom will be a forgotten word to you – to us!”

So Curtis will have just enough time to be “bored” without classes as part of his nightlife before we are due to have this baby boy and our lives will change FOREVER.

Oh, the times, they are a’changing!!!


Jen B. said...

enjoy the boredom! Yes, things will be MUCH busier once your little one comes. :)

Lydia said...

that sounds so much like our lives except that it is the other way round. It is me who is graduating on the 20th and Ernst keeps telling me. “I can't wait to have you back." The other differences are that we are not expecting a baby and instead of paying off a house, we will be moving back to Uganda soon, planning for a second wedding celebration, looking for a new house, looking for jobs and planning babies!!

So... just so you know, you are not alone and to remind of something that I often remind myself, everything will be alright, everything will work out perfectly because our heavenly father is in charge and with him, nothing is impossible.

So, he will see you through all the coming months and years, he will fill you with joy, peace, grace and patience to go through the days and to appreciate life.
Our/Your lives will change forever, but it will change for the best!!

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