Saturday, December 11, 2010

now entering: the third trimester


Today I hit the 28 week mark
Seven months by some counts (on the 10 month scale)
6 ½ by others (on the 9 month scale)
But however you count it in months
I have just finished my 28th week and
have reached the third trimester.

The THIRD trimester – that’s 3 out of 3!
Man, it seems like such an accomplishment
This is the home stretch
Albeit a long 12 week stretch, but the final leg nonetheless

Still, I can hardly believe that he will be here in 12 short weeks
Less if he’s early
(I don’t even want to think about him being late)

And boy, even in the last week or so I can tell things are changing (and i don't just mean my rotund circumference):

  • I am peeing more
  • I am sleeping poorly
  • My belly button is half innie – half outie
  • I get winded going up the stairs
  • I am hot all the time (not glowing, but nasty sweaty hot)
  • I cannot see my feet unless I slightly bend over
  • I am getting tired earlier and earlier in the day
But you won't hear any complaints from me (well, maybe Curtis will, but that's about it).
This is a great stage and i'm trying to relish every minute of it.


Rona said...

M is going to love the drinking fountain. Looks great!
And the nail polish is cool too.

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