Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas to all, and to all a good night


today was my first christmas away from my family.

even on years when i lived in england and africa
i always left just days after the 25th and was home the next year before the holidays rolled around again

it was kind of sad
heading out of town knowing i wouldn't be in my bed on christmas eve
eating my mom's homemade breakfast and opening gifts with my siblings on christmas morning
or splitting the holiday between our two families like we've done for the last eight years.

but i must say, this not splitting christmas thing has been so relaxing.
yeah, i miss my fam, but having time to read {john 1}, crochet more granny squares and relax today was something i think i could get used to.

yesterday we spent christmas eve frolicking around downtown chicago. we walked around macy's on state street, wandered through the german market, shared a brautwurst with sauerkraut, strolled through navy pier than took the long way back to the in-laws home to snack on finger foods and lounge.

this morning we woke up early, got ready, scarfed cinnamon rolls and then opened an obscene amount of presents before bumming around the house (and video chatting with my family) until the prime rib was ready for lunch.

now we're sitting in the glow of the christmas tree watching The Other Guys and digesting.

it's been a good day.

but i can't help but wonder how different next christmas will be.
spent at home with a baby that will be closer to a year old than a newborn by then.

and oh, i can't wait.


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