Tuesday, December 7, 2010

last night

Last night after work, I ran an errand for Curtis that took way longer than it should’ve (but I did score a free Kit Kat out of the deal from our favorite pharmacist for waiting in the CVS drive-through a bit too long!)
Then I walked the dog, put on some sweats, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, folded three loads of laundry,
ate leftover pulled turkey enchiladas that I made on Sunday and then finally sat down with my laptop to catch up on some blogs via my Google Reader.

I had just read the first post and instead of hitting “mark as read,” I accidentally hit “mark ALL as read” leaving me with a Google Reader that said I had zero unread posts, instead of the couple hundred it has said just a moment before.

I was immediately bummed that I had such a slip of the finger on a night that I all I wanted to do was be lazy on the couch and browse other’s words and photos, as I had no more energy to provide the blogosphere with some of my own.

But after the first few moments of blog-withdrawal, it was actually kind of nice - starting Google Reader over with a fresh start, a clean slate. I took the pressure off to catch up.

I think I should do that every few months, when it’s been a while since I caught up and the “unread” number gets too high. Give myself a break, throw myself a bone and just take the pressure off.

Something I could learn in other parts of my life as well.

As the Christmas cards I normally love to write stare at me with blank pages from my desk in the dining room.
I hope they will get out before New Year’s this year.

As the granny square quilt has been neglected this week for earlier bedtimes and cooking instead of crafting.
This third trimester is stealing my energy.

As my Christmas shopping has barely been started and I have only two full weeks until we travel out of state.
I know I’ll get it done, but first I must find my motivation to brave the crowds with tired legs.

So, last night, instead of working on any of these things, I spent some time on facebook.

I watched {this}
again and peed my pants, again.

Then when Curtis got home, I shared my Kit Kat bar with him and made him watch the video with me, again.

Then, when he was downstairs practicing for a big presentation, I took a little 7 month photo shoot in the bathroom; which led to me posting one of these “beauties” on Facebook to show my belly progress since I hadn’t done that in at least two or three months…

Here’s what I came up with:

7 months pregnant

There's no denying that i'm pregnant now is there. I look at these pictures and almost don't recognize myself. I feel like i was barely showing then BAM -- there he is! it's craziness really.

So, after my little photo shoot, I turned on our electric blanket and scooted into bed…and for once i didn’t fall asleep before Curtis got into bed.

Because I’m a good wife like that.


Amanda Kate said...

That video was indeed funny, and horrifying all at once!

You're simply adorable with that belly of yours.

And, how the %$#@ do you stay TAN in December? You and your olive skin tone I reckon. Unfair.

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