Wednesday, December 8, 2010

in the grand scheme of things


Sometimes you just need a good cry to

sweep away the clutter and gain a fresh perspective

I guess I’m still in the sweeping away the clutter part of that.

But I did have a good cry this morning

brought on by disappointment, frustration and pure hormones I’m sure

but all is well, and life really couldn’t be better when I look at the big picture,

it’s just sometimes i forget to look at the bigger picture and focus on the daily minuta

which unfortunately isn’t so shiny and bright sometimes.

As curtis texted to me later, after I called him in tears:

“Luckily {it} doesn’t affect you in the grand scheme of things.”

And he’s so right.

I will look back, not in years, but probably in months, even weeks perhaps and think

boy, was that dumb to waste tears over.

Oh, I sure hope that’s the case.


Amie said...

I hope everything is OK, Jess. If you need anything, even just to vent- I am here.

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