Friday, December 3, 2010

27 week nausea


Lately, when people have been asking me how I feel I’ve been able to smile and say, “Fantastic! I feel like I could do this forever!”

Well, i spoke too soon.

Is it common for nausea to return in your third-ish trimester?

Because Wednesday I woke up with that first trimester feeling all over again.
Queasy, dizzy, hot and sweaty. ugh, i was just starting to forget those four wretched months ever happened.

I sat up in bed and knew I wasn’t going to be able to make it into work.

That all too familiar feeling kept me flat in bed, and i fell asleep for another hour or so.
Then, when I knew I’d be able to sit up without running to put my head in the toilet I went downstairs and ate some cheerios
The comfort food of all comfort foods if you ask me
And it helped a bit, but not entirely.

And then yesterday it happened again.
I woke up feeling fine, but at around 9am, while sitting at my desk a wave of nausea came over me again
I took long steady breaths, pretending to work until it passed.
I don’t know how I did that for four months. It’s a miserable feeling.

Then it passed, and M* continued to kick and flip.

I actually think that’s part of where the nausea was coming from.
The bigger he gets, not only do his kicks get stronger, but I can feel when his whole body shifts, turns and flips
I think it’s actually making me kind of motion sick…
It’s a feeling akin to seasickness –

But it’s worth it – I won’t complain. and now it's gone, just like that.

I’d rather have this seasickness than on the most beautiful yacht in the middle of the ocean.


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