Saturday, November 27, 2010

thanksgiving wrap-up


cleaned the house - check
set the table - check
made a special breakfast quiche - check
defrosted the turkey the rest of the way in a sink of cold water - check
woke up early - check
prepped the stuffing & brussel sprouts - check
stuck my hand in the bird to pull out the giblets - check
made giblet gravy - check
roasted my first turkey - check
hosted my first thanksgiving - check
made 40 granny squares - check
saw my boy on ultrasound - check
did not get yelled at about my weight - check
ate a burger to celebrate Curtis' first day after Thanksgiving off in the last 4 years - check
did some shopping - check
picked out our Christmas tree in record time - check
drove it home in our car instead of on top of it - check
decked the halls - check
put away everything autumn - check
gorged on leftover turkey sandwiches - check
watched elf - check
watched Curtis snore on the couch - check
started some Christmas gifts - check
slept until 8 - check
ate Leanne's leftover cinnamon rolls for breakfast - check
sipped my morning coffee by the fire with a lit tree behind me - check
balanced my checkbook - check
planned our afternoon - check
give myself a manicure - check
had some apple cider - check
gonna go get ready for day three of four days off in a row - check


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