Thursday, November 25, 2010

:: thankful ::


every year there's so much to be thankful for...but this year especially i am giving thanks in a whole new way.

First there are all the things that are easy to be thankful for this year:

my husband {my biggest blessing}

my {unborn} son, but my son nonetheless {I can already tell he’s gonna try to steal my heart from his daddy}

my dog Mea {my little furry companion especially during the evenings when Curtis is in school}

my little white house {that’s so small but so cozy}

my family {and Curtis’ family that is now my family too}

my church {who are quickly becoming another extension of our family}

Then there are all the things that took place this past year which some may think of as unusual to be thankful for:

the gift of infertility {which led to}

the gift of adoption {which hasn’t quite been realized yet, but has been a gift I’m not certain we would ever have chosen if it weren’t for not being able to get pregnant easily – although I hope it would’ve been}

the gift of morning sickness {which didn’t seem like much of a gift for the first four months of my pregnancy, but even still, every day that I felt awful was just another reminder of what amazing thing was happening inside of me}

the gift of migraines {because without having migraines, I would never know how great being nearly migraine free could be}

the gift of debt {because now we’re weeks away from being out of it and it has changed the way we will forever view our finances for the better}

the gift of an uncertain future {which has caused faith to grow and doubt to diminish}

those are just a few of the things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving.

What are you thankful for?


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