Wednesday, November 17, 2010

sick day

photo 1

for the last few days i've been sick
sick as in
hacking my head off until M* kicks me in the lungs, probably out of anger and frustration
at the shaking and heaving that i'm putting him through
poor little guy
or until tears are streaming down my face and i can't catch my breath
gagging with that feeling of choking that you can't make stop until the episode subsides.

i went to the doctor yesterday, after a long night of coughing
curtis even said i wimpered in my sleep like a little baby
crying and moaning with every breath or turn to my other side
i don't remember this but it does sound pathetic
pathetic enough to bring me to the doctor i guess

she said i had two near ear infections
and had something akin to a sinus infection and bronchitis combined
i left with an rx sent electronically to my pharmacy
of a z-pack - halelujah!

unfortunately, i slept the same last night as i did the night before
but this time smelling of vicks vaporub
slathered over my chest, neck and under my nose
just like my momma used to do

i drifted to sleep with that familiar smell of my childhood
not coughing, just breathing in that heavy aroma
but it wasn't long before i was coughing and coughing
Curtis was gracious
i think he put in earplugs
just as i had done when he was sick with the same last week
a pathetic wimpering mess yet again,
i woke up this morning feeling like a truck hit me
ran me over, backed up and then did it again.
so today i worked from home
and stayed pretty much on the couch all day with my vicks and kleenex
some orange juice, my laptop and my little companion, my lapdog (shown above)

it wasn't a pretty sight
i'm just hoping that these antibiotics kick in before M* kicks me so hard
he punctures my lung.
that or curtis gets so annoyed of my coughing that he kicks me and punctures my lung...
i kid, i kid. hehe


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