Monday, November 15, 2010

rug + rocker

When we got this rug

a few months ago, i knew i either had to keep the rest of the room rather simple.
neutral walls, simple bedding, etc...
except for the rocker
somewhere down the line i got it in my head that i wanted a red or a green rocker to match the rug.

so i started my online research 
i knew i didn't want a traditional wooden rocker, or the heavy fabric covered ones they sell at Target. Then, knowing the in-laws live ten minutes from an Ikea, i found two chairs that were contenders.

these two were the front runners

So, this weekend, while in Chicago, we made a trip to their Ikea and test-sat both.
i loved the first one. it was comfy and small enough for a small room, and inexpensive, 
but it did not rock.
Curtis was adamant about the nursery chair needing to rock so and since i really did like both, we went with this one of the two:

and better yet, Curtis' parents bought it for us for a baby shower gift - amongst a cart full of random other  baby goodies. It was the most fun i've ever had on an Ikea trip and not just because they footed the bill. 

It's just fun to be inspired and imagine how this and other children will influence our design style and aesthetic in the future, and Ikea is the perfect place to do it.

Now i have just one more reason to look forward to the new year, when i'll have this adorable rocker up there in that nursery of ours!


Quiet Oasis said...

Cute chair! I HIGHLY recommend one of those gliders with the ottoman in some area of your house. They aren't the most attractive but TRUST ME that you will spent a little too much time in those chairs in the middle of the night. The gliders require very little effort to move back and forth when you are half asleep/ half awake. (I did find one at a garage sale this summer that is about as amazing as the one I paid an arm and a leg for)

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