Tuesday, November 9, 2010

on baby naming and other decisions that are way over-thought

So we’ve chosen our name – Our first name at least
And the last name is a given
so we’re two thirds of the way to having a fully-named baby

We’re deciding between two family names as the middle name so we may have to duke it out, fists and all

But to be honest, both sound good, flow well and have a nice ring to them,
so I’m not that worried that we’ll stick this kid with a crappy name.

it has been a far easier process than we (or at least I)  thought it would be

baby naming
it sounds so intense, so final, so serious
deciding on the name you will call your child for the rest of his or her life.

Daunting for some.
Painstaking for others.
But for us, easy-peasy, painless
– and dare I say it –

See, I’m not one of those that agonizes over decisions.
We pretty much named this child (and our next) before we even knew we were pregnant.

When we decided to adopt, we came up with two names that we loved.
One unisex name and one boy name.

so when we did get pregnant, I was ready to name the kid straight away
(we didn’t even know the sex yet)
But in Curtis’ way, and in wisdom, we waited,
And found out we were having a boy before discussing.
It was smart, I think,
That is, until we cracked open the computer and googled baby names.

Oh my
Talk about overwhelming and frustrating.
No wonder some parents wait until their child is three days old to name them
The options are endless.

Popular names
Uncommon names (that will no doubt be the popular names within a year or two)
Unisex names
We even saw  sites for country names and metrosexual names (I'm not kidding you)

For us, we knew we wanted to go with a biblical name
And a name with its roots in the hebrew language was a major bonus too.

So after a couple nights (or was it weeks?) of searching and testing and debating
And me saying I wasn’t a fan of test-driving names

We, without even realizing it, started calling him one of our two original names
And it stuck, like i knew it would.

And a few times Curtis turned to me and asked me, 'are we sure about this because it’s sticking?'
And I respond every time with a whole hearted ‘yes’

And already, he could have no other name

It’s biblical
It’s a Hebrew name
And it’s him.

(and if you need another hint, it's the unisex name of the two we originally chose)
I will share when we solidify the middle name…

But until then – any guesses from those that don’t already know???


Quiet Oasis said...

Placing my guess as Micah. :) I love hearing people's baby's name.

Curtis said...

Quiet Oasis, you will just have to wait and see! ;-)

Amanda Kate said...

Dorcas? Just a guess.

But trying now.... Gabriel, or Jesse :)

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