Wednesday, November 10, 2010

make the bed with me in it


I open my eyes and roll my head to the right
his side is empty
the only evidence of his dusk to dawn presence
is the triangle of blankets and sheets folded back
for entry and exit

My side is much more
bare feet stick out of crumpled blankets
in a tangle of cotton, down and the wire
from the electric blanket

my morning ritual then commences
whether it’s 5:45 or 7:15
I lay silent, allowing my mind and body to emerge from sleep
I rest my hand on my rounded belly
Feel for the awake within
Then I unplug my phone and check my email
Do a quick facebook scan and
Place it gently back in its position on my nightstand
Hoisting myself out of my wrinkled side of a bed too large
For the both of us.

Make my way to the bathroom
Go and brush my teeth
Then return to the bedroom where making the bed
is either easy or complicated, depending on which side I’m making

Curtis’ side is simple
I fold back the triangle from where he rose
Place pillow upright against headboard and head to my side which takes
Significantly more effort

First I have to find the sheet
Tangled in a messy ball somewhere in the middle of the bed.
Stretch and flatten it over the mattress
Arrange electric blanket and duvet neatly over one another
Find the throw pillow I use as a sleeping prop, somewhere under the sheet
Arrange pillows – and pull tight the last crinkles and folds

The problem is, I do not like my feet tight under covers
I like them bare and exposed
No matter how cold the room is
I like blankets between my knees
Under my legs
Hence the unruly way in which I wake.

My favorite mornings are the ones
When we wake together
He gets out of bed first as usual
And I wait for him to re-enter the room
To ask what I’ve waited so long to ask…

“Will you make the bed with me in it?”

This is the ultimate way to start a day together.

Me, a peaceful, quiet lump on the side of the bed nearest the door.
Him, circling the bed, tugging sheets tight as I lay,
Cacooned within waiting for him to place throw pillows on top of my face

And on those mornings
I get up
And forget my typical routine
All thrown off by the fact that the bed is made before I
Get out of it.

And it’s wonderful.

*our bed after it's all pretty and made in the morning.


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