Tuesday, November 23, 2010

an informal survey


I know a lot of people read this blog
And most don’t comment
(thank you to the ones that do – it always makes my day!)
I look at my google analytics from time to time and wonder to myself
who are all of these anonymous readers
I mean, I’ve passed up the 1,000 readers a month mark
How did this even happen?
Who are the 50ish people who read my blog on a daily basis?
I don’t even post on a daily basis (although I try)
friends? family? strangers? stalkers?
This really does baffle my mind…
I mean, I’m flattered, don’t get me wrong
But it’s strange nonetheless

I also have quite a fair amount of people read my {A Single Sentence} blog
I started this one on January 1 and now, with December right around the corner
I have started to debate the thought of continuing it into next year.
I mean, I enjoy doing it.
It doesn’t take much time
But sometimes I think it’s begun to get stale.
My life is not all that exciting.
Although I can forsee a shift happening if I keep it going come march
I’d imagine the daily sentence will become a bit more motherly focused
Or maybe you’d get to read some sleep deprived slap happy rants
Or lovey-dovey baby posts
Who knows
I am not one to predict what will take place in my brain post delivery.

So here’s my question to you
Faithful readers, lurkers and the handful of commenters I treasure so dearly
Would you mind coming out of the shadows and letting me know if you think I should
continue with my A Single Sentence blog in 2011.
Thank you kindly


Anonymous said...

Jess, i am a faithful reader of your blog but i am not a stalker. I love reading your blogs and just knowing what is going on in the life of my old roomie. lol
You are a great writer and you have a differnt perspective on life which i like.
So, please keeping bloging as much as you can. i know when the baby comes it will be a little harder but i will keep reading on whenever you write.


Kathy said...

If I could figure out how to leave a comment, I would more often! I think you should continue "A Single Sentence" Sometimes a single sentence can say and mean so much more than an entire paragraph!

I enjoy your writings -- very unique, very witty -- they make me laugh (in a good way!) and they make me think. :)

david said...

continue , i love the single sentence .

Amie said...

oh you have to keep it up! I love A Single Sentence! Plus coming from someone who blogs AND just had a baby... it will probably be the easiest to keep up with on a regular basis when you are in love and adjusting to your new life with baby.

Anne said...

I do!! And I love it!!

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