Wednesday, November 24, 2010

from a wise friend

I got an email from a friend a while ago. Below the text of her email, in orange font, was written this:

There is no grace for your imagination. But there is grace for today.

“As your days” it says in Deuteronomy, “so shall your strength be”
(33: 25). 

Charles Spurgeon says, “The Lord, the ever-merciful, has
appointed every moment of sorrow and pang of suffering.  If He ordains
the number ten, it can never rise to eleven, nor should you desire
that it shrink to nine.”

I thought it was thought-provoking enough to share.
Applicable to pretty much any difficult situation you may find yourself in.
So, be encouraged today.

...from my friend to you, through me.


Amanda Kate said...

It does. I may have to swipe this from you. Great reminder.

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