Monday, October 25, 2010

what i did on a monday night


after a wonderful weekend full of
fall festivals
with a little fairy and a handsome monkey
and baby-registering with one of my
most favorite mommy friends
and bonfires and hot dogs and chili
and talking and laughing
i had to stay home today with a "tuuurible" migraine
(that was for you c&k)
it wasn't the ideal way to start a new week
but i made the best of it tonight
i made batch #2 of homemade applesauce
while i made two loaves of pumpkin bread
and well over two dozen chocolate chip banana muffins
my freezer supply of cozy and comforting baked goods
was running dry and I got the urge to bake
sweet autumny goodness
and pumpkins
what can be better?


Kate said...

i'm sorry you had such a "tuuuurible" migraine, but it did make me laugh!

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