Thursday, October 28, 2010

the tornado strikes again

last night I was like a tornado
I got phone calls made on the way home from work
then I “pooped the dog” (walked around the neighborhood until she pooped)
while on our walk, I ran into an old friend and talked for a while
when I got back, I changed into comfy sweats,
did the dishes, paid some bills,
balanced my check book, did some budgeting and
got in the shower right as curtis was calling me to tell me he was on his way home
I timed it perfectly.
I was getting out of the shower as he was pulling up the driveway.
so I got dressed and met him downstairs with a kiss.
unfortunately, what I did not do in my tornado state was make or eat dinner
I had promised him I’d cook – dang it.
so I did what any good (and hungry) wife would do,
I defrosted some frozen chili and some frozen (already cooked pasta) and made us a
quick and easy late night dinner
that we ate on the couch while watching Modern Family
and we scarfed our dinner as we snorted at the ridiculousness of that show
(the dad is soooo Curtis! If you’ve seen the show and know my husband I’m sure you’ll agree!)
It was a good night.
A night that lets me enjoy a little guilt-free vegging in front of the tv watching the finale of Project Runway
(go Mondo!)


Veda Penick said...

Jess, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Guess what I have called Jerry since the show Modern Family hit the air? Phil Dunphy. Yes, they are 3 peas in a pod. Scary isn't it? :)

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