Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a kick to the side of the face


*this is the sweet face that was on, read on...

Last night *M (I think we decided on a name, but we’re not telling quite yet) was pummeling me all evening long.
All day really.
Punching and kicking.
Not painful, just funny
Laying on the couch last night
Literally watching my stomach go up and down with every breath
and between breaths, popping up with the force of a hand or a foot within
Curtis was at class, so I tried to take some iphone video of it to no avail
With the grainy images all you could see is the movement of my breathing
When he called telling me he was on the way home I silently prayed for more kicks when he got home

Now for about a month now, I’ve been pestering Curtis to lay his palm on my bare belly and wait
And he gets antsy and annoyed that he can’t feel anything even though
I’ve been sure my hand can feel what I want him to be able to feel
So over the course of a few weeks he’s been less enthused to sit with me on the couch
With hand resting on my abdomen

So last night, when I again began with my pleas to sit with me and try to feel him
He rolled his eyes but sat down next to me anyways on the couch.
We were still
And M* didn’t make a peep
Didn’t wiggle a toe

Again Curtis was annoyed,
Telling me that he’d try again in a month or so, when the boy
Was not the one pound that he is today, but doubled in weight and
No doubt strength as well

Fast forward an hour or two
We are laying in bed
When our son starts kicking me right below my belly button
(I think he was just being protective of his mama)

I said, “Curtis, I’m serious, he’s kicking HARD, I know you’ll be able to feel this,”
As I slowly grabbed his hand and placed it on the lower half of my stomach
And then it happened again and he felt it.
Yup, he felt it like I knew he would.

Then he laid his heavy head as gently as he could on my stomach and
Started talking and he felt his kicks on his face
his cheek specifically

And that was it.

After that, we all went to sleep happy.
At least I know I did.


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