Tuesday, October 19, 2010

halfway there

halfway there: 5 months/ 20 weeks pregnant

on Saturday i hit the halfway point of this pregnancy
20 weeks
5 months

for how awful the first few months were
the last couple have been pretty great
i'm starting to like this pregnancy thing

friends have told me that they miss the feeling of kicks and wiggles
after giving birth
i can understand why

for the last couple days i've felt only a few little kicks and movements
yesterday i was starting to get a little nervous
after days on end of a consistently active boy
there wasn't much movement to remind me of the little life inside.

last night i was in the shower and i gave my son his first lecture.
"i won't say this very often XX (insert probable name here) but i'd love it if you gave your momma a strong kick in the gut."

he must be stubborn, just like me, because i felt pretty much nothing for the rest of the night.
i wasn't scared, just wanted some sort of sign that this was normal, typical mid pregnancy stuff.
i knew it was, but still
it's not that i wasn't feeling anything
i was feeling something, just not the kicks i had been feeling
so i went to bed hoping tomorrow would bring those feisty feet back to the forefront of my abdomen
i woke up this morning with a headache.
probably the most annoying thing about pregnancy + migraines = the lack of medicinal options.
so i emailed work that i'd be staying/ working from home and went back to bed with a sudafed.
a few hours later i was feeling relatively decent so i got up and went downstairs to have some coffee.

i sat on the couch and sipped my coffee, hoping the caffeine jolt would startle the little one awake.
and after half a mugful, it must've done the trick because
a good kick to my gut is what i got.

and now, as i sit and type this now, there is movement, and lots of it.
no doubt about it. he's in there and wants it to be known.
and i am relieved and thankful

and sad that oneday i won't have this crazy special bond with my boy.

i know i will miss this when he's in my arms and not my belly.
this is probably why some women
like the octomom want a hundred kids

just to feel those kicks inside.


Amie said...

you look AMAZING!!!!!

Amanda Kate said...

You are adorable with that pot-belly of yours! Half way through. Keep the updates and pictures comin'!

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