Tuesday, September 14, 2010

a week in the life of...well, me.


  • I am loving {Liberté Méditerranée Coconut Yogurt} (have you heard of it? if you love coconut, like I do, you’ll love this stuff)

    • I am using a rubber band on my jeans (although I can still zip most of my pants, this really does make it much more comfortable, especially while sitting at a desk all day -- makes me laugh every time I use it though)

    • I bought Target’s version of the Bella Band (I’ve worn it once and am not convinced it will really help my pants stay up while unbuttoned and unzipped)

    • I have gotten to the point that I can’t sleep on my stomach anymore (makes me kind of happy that I’m starting to show – luckily I’m not a belly sleeper anyways…not sure what I’m going to do when I can’t sleep on my back anymore)

    • I am learning to deal with the rare migraine sans migraine medicine (and let me tell you, it sucks and yes there usually are tears involved)

    • My new best friend in an anti-nausea drug called Zofran (it’s also used to treat the nausea in chemo patients and it’s like a little magic pill of love)

    • With the urging of my mom, I started my first baby sweater (the yarn and pattern were a gift from my aunt when she thought we were still adopting – and because we are, eventually, I am making it with that little one in mind)

    • As of Sunday, we now have new back steps and a lovely hard wood floor in our entry hall and coat closet thanks to my talented father and helper husband (they both have been projects on our list for at least a year and makes me so happy to be able to cross them off my house to do list)

    • I made a delicious (if I do say so myself) eggplant parmesan a few days ago (of which we just enjoyed the last  bit of leftovers)

    • I also made brownies (of which I have proudly only eaten one)

    • I weighed myself tonight, and still weigh two pounds less than I did pre-pregnancy, I really don't under how this is possible after not using the bathroom for almost two weeks, I was sure I gained at least a few.

    • On Saturday I will have reached the end of my fourth month of pregnancy and enter into month number five with the hope that it's all uphill from here. (the last few months have been hard. very, very hard)

    • I have again slid into slacker blogger status (something I am planning on changing)


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