Friday, September 3, 2010

changing body

It won’t be long.

yesterday I wore a dress to work with a big leather high-waisted belt
Bad idea

I was in pain all day

Last week this outfit would have been fine.

But my body’s changing in rapid progression

I can tell

Yesterday was the first day that I actually felt pregnant

I don’t mean nausea and vomiting and fatigue

But my actual body felt different

I can not suck in my stomach for the life of me

And even when I do, I can’t see my ribs and hip bones like I used to

Especially after I eat

even the simplest meal or tiniest snack makes me feel like I swallowed a canteloupe

The food takes its place next the baby and they fight for space

I can imagine this conflict only gets worse the further along I get

I can feel the muscles loosening and shifting (do they shift or does it just feel that way?)

The muscles near where my legs meet my pelvis ache

My legs felt crampy at my desk

I have to take my shoes off and stretch them every so often

My chest aches

And I’ve been thinking about slipping into sweats all day

My ugly pink ones from the gap

With paint stains and a hole in the butt
This is going to be fun.


CitricSugar said...

Now is the time for cocoa butter. Massive amounts of cocoa butter.

Enjoy the ride!

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