Friday, July 23, 2010

the weekend agenda: a list of links

It's the weekend and we have so much good stuff to look forward to:

Tonight we are eating {here} with some of our most favorite friends (some who also just happen to be family)
We will feast on burgers and fries and Curtis has his heart set on an apple pie and bacon (yes bacon!) milkshake for dessert
and hopefully I'll get to stop in {here} even if I can't afford anything, it's always nice to look.
Then tomorrow morning we are doing {this}
Unless it's too hot, and in that case, who knows what we'll do,
Maybe walk around {here} like the old people do to get exercise.
Tomorrow night we are doing something that's kind of hush hush at the moment,
but what I can say is that we will be dining on the masterful cuisine of {these guys}
We will be sharing our humble abode with {this woman} and her wonderful fam
and we even get to bring them {here} with us on Sunday morning before they head back to their home that's too far away from mine.
By this time on Sunday I will have either passed out cold or will be forcing myself to stay awake until an un-embarrassing hour
(last night I went to sleep at 7:58pm! when Curtis was out at a movie)
So tonight, I will force myself to stay awake past eight and enjoy the weekend company of great friends, feast on the best cuisine Cleveland has to offer and maybe even take a little taste of that bacon milkshake!

Have a good one folks!


Heather Loomis said...

I hope he didn't do the bacon shake again! I swear I can still taste it!

jess said...

oh he sure did - and shared it with the whole table - i think he was the only one that liked it -- we need to plan another double date night!

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