Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i write like

 A few days ago I came across the website

It’s interesting and getting some buzz throughout the writing world (online at least), but I didn’t think it was all that great to be honest. Or accurate for that matter. 

It pretty much let’s you copy and paste a section of your own writing, whether a few paragraphs of a book your writing, a poem, a blog post, etc and it spits back a published author that it thinks you write like.

I was expecting explanations of why they matched your writings with which writer. But they didn’t. they just spit you out a name – unjustified and annoying.

I tried it numerous times.

Jack London came up first.

I don’t even know if I’ve ever read The Call of the Wild.

Hmmm, then I got Dan Brown.

Shoot me.

Then Chuck Palahniuk.

Never hear of him  (should I?)

Then David Foster Wallace.


Then one more time – hoping Sylvia Plath would come up, or someone equally as iconic,
although I know she wouldn’t, not from my blog posts at least … and who do I get but

Stephen King.


Did I tell you how I Write Like makes me want to write even less blog posts than i already do? ...and that would be pretty hard because i barely post anymore anyways. but all that will change soon, i promise.


CitricSugar said...

Chuck Palahnuik wrote Fight Club and a number of quite visceral, gritty novels. I don't always like his subject matter but I do like his style and his economy, not a single word that doesn't have a definite reason for being there - very intentional. But he makes me uncomfortable in a LOT of ways, too. His voice is distinctly masculine.

You are a lovely writer and there is always something beautiful in your words even when they're describing things that are less than happy. You and Palahnuik are talented writers I admire. Similarities end there. That website must use the same algorithm as Amazon for recommendations based on what you've purchased in the past....

And you are NO Dan Brown. I promise you that you are sooooo much better than that. For one thing, you understand nuance... :-)

Anonymous said...

Jess - i had no idea you had a blog :) I'm working my way through some posts and learning more about your guys adoption is beautiful and encouraging and sweet and making me tear up. at work. so I'll save my time to read and savor for later ;)you make for a delightful read :)

jess said...

you guys are too sweet. and Katie -please don't get fired on my behalf -- reading my blog is just not worth it :)

Amie said...

OK, so I just went to this website and copied in some of My Retro Kitchen and it compared me to Cory Doctorow, He is a Science Fiction writer. And then I happened on I Write Like's blog and I see that he just so happened to be just added to their database on Sunday. Coincidence? I doubt it. I've never read him myself (never even heard of him actually) but I don't really think i sound very SciFi....

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