Sunday, June 27, 2010

summer afternoon


"Summer afternoon — summer afternoon; to me those have always been the
two most beautiful words in the English language."

-uttered by Henry James, and recorded by Edith Wharton

Today has been the nicest day.

I slept until 8. i never do that, but after last night - filled with friends, china town deliciousness, homemade ice cream and an evening of meaningful conversation i think i needed to sleep off my overwhelming sense of thankfulness for the friends we have. See, this time last year we didn't know any of the (four) couples we went out with last night. But now we do and our life is fuller for it.

So i slept in and then we got ready and headed to church. As we were walking through the parking lot we saw some of our friends that we had hung out with the night before. We waved hello and waited for them at the door. Even before telling them how great a time we had last night they handed us a check and they expressed how they wanted to be a part of what God was doing in our family through this adoption. We were shocked and humbled. Curtis may or may not have cried. I was stunned silent. we hugged and walked into church already so aware that this adoption is so much bigger than us and that ultimately, God will (and already is) providing for our every need -- before we even asked.

We didn't ask our friends for money last night. we never expected anyone to give us any money. we don't need to. we know that God will provide for us and this is just one of the ways he has chosen to do it. and we are so inexplicably grateful.

On the way home from church Curtis made the joke that now our boy will call our friends aunt and uncle. he was joking but i kind of liked that. they have made an investment into our family and in my eyes that makes them family for sure. 

But helping financially isn't the only way to support us - (or to become the baby's next aunt and uncle for that matter!) There are so many ways to support us and we have already been overwhelmed with the support we've received. Emotionally, spiritually, and now financially we've been blown away by the goodness of God shown through our families and friends and it's only officially been a month. 

so that was this morning. 
this afternoon i lounged at the pool with my mom. it was just what i needed. 
then this evening we shared a pizza with Curtis' parents and our niece and drove home from their house with a trunk full of baby necessities. 

We can now check crib, stroller, pack and play and high chair off of our "need" list. and although they aren't new, they are each better than we could afford on our own and just gives us more money that can be put towards the adoption and not the stuff we need when he comes home. 

it's becoming real. 9we have a stroller in our basement to prove it!) -- a stroller that we will need one day for our son!

this has been an exceptionally good day. and not just because of the "stuff" -- we are on our way to growing our family and all the people we care about get to be a part of it in one way or another. 


Mike said...

:) thanks for such a thoughtful post, Jess, we're glad to be friends with you as well, despite that husband of yours ;)

Cindy said...

I have added your family to Ethiopian Adoption Blogs! I wish you all the very best on your adoption journey!!

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