Monday, June 21, 2010

john piper on adoption

In 1995, after their four sons were grown and almost all out of the house, John and Noel Piper adopted an African American infant named Talitha. But before Noel's initial longing to adopt turned into a mutal decision by her and her husband to say "yes" to adoption, John wroter her {this letter}.

In many ways it echoes how we feel about adoption (although, keep in mind that the Pipers adopted much later in life - not to begin their family - so in that way we differ)

I have been wanting to link to this blog post for a while now. I read it even before we were seriously considering adoption now. It's incredible to me to think back just mere months ago - oh how our hearts have changed.

I didn't want to post the link until we had made some decisions (which, of course, we have) about adoption as it relates to our family. So tonight seemed the perfect opportunity to blog about it when my friend {Kate} sent me a link to {this piece}, entitled "Adoption: The Heart of the Gospel, also by Piper, earlier this afternoon.

Both eloquently explain adoption in light of our adoption as sons and daughers of God. both are so good.

We are learning that adoption goes so much deeper than simply adding a child to our family. there is pain in the story, that's for sure, but the story of redemption it tells is parallelled so beautifully in the cross.


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