Tuesday, June 22, 2010

check it out


*this is me blogging, i'm a serious blogger, can't you tell?!


*and this is me annoyed that Curtis is taking a picture of me blogging :)

anyways, where was i???

oh, right -- tabs.

I was just telling Curtis last week how I wish blogger would let you put some tabs on their blogs.

Maybe I’m just slow, but yesterday I discovered a link to add tabs. They read my mind. I excitedly created two.

::about me::
::our adoption timeline::

When we decided to adopt and I began to read other adoption blogs, I so enjoyed seeing how most of them had a timeline down the right hand navigation.

But, as I told Curtis, I don’t want this blog to ONLY be about this adoption, and turning it into a full-blown adoption-themed blog just didn’t seem my style. Plus, I have no plans to create a totally separate adoption blog, so I wanted to find ways to make adoption information seamlessly go with the rest of my blog – enter tabs.

I only have two now, and they are a work in progress – what do you write about yourself? But I wanted to take advantage of this new feature and build it out as it seems appropriate. I have a few other categories in mind too but just have to take the time to sit down and build them out.

So stay tuned!


The Harringtons said...

Jess-- We are so excited about your decision to adopt. We'll be praying and cheering you on in the process!!

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