Monday, May 24, 2010

sunburn is a sign of a good day


this morning i woke up and was greeted with a happy birthday kiss. i am now 28.
we both took the day off of work and it was wonderful. 80 degrees and sunny with nothing to do.


the possibilities were endless. we debated going to the lake. laying on the beach, going out to lunch, but instead we opted for this:


we did some gardening, some car fixing, some reading and a whole lot of nothing.
we filled up the baby pool, grabbed a book and some spf 15 chapstick and enjoyed a day off, together.
then instead of going out (which would have meant showering and getting dressed) we opted for tri tip sandwich leftovers and pickles and got back to backyard in a hurry.

then, when i thought the day couldn't get any better, this shows up in my mailbox:


{kate} knows me - and i love her for it - six hand embroidered (i'm assuming) white napkins and a package of my favorite candy. they are lovely and so are friends that know you and love you anyways.

top all this off with about 100 birthday wishes from friends on facebook and i am one happy camper.
except for the fact that Curtis started a new summer class tonight which meant that i am a solo birthday celebrator this evening - which i really don't mind, but everything is better when he's here - even blogging and laying on the couch trying to cool some pretty pink sunburn!


but hey - sunburn really is a sign of a very good day - and it's been a very good day.
unfortunately tomorrow i get thrown back to the wolves with a whirlwind trip to Columbus for a one-hour meeting. who doesn't like to drive 2.5 hours to have a one hour meeting, just to turn around and drive 2.5 hours home. i don't, that's who.

but i'm not even going to let the thought of that ruin my night.


Kate said...

glad you liked them. i hoped you would. sounds like a wonderful way to start off being 28!

jess said...

curtis said you can see our addresses in that one picture, so i'm taking it down :(

Amanda Kate said...

Curtis is right. Don't want any creepers knowing where you live. Especially those who would be birthday-creeping you. Hope it was a good one!

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