Thursday, May 13, 2010

i *heart* iced coffee

I like the way I can stretch a morning coffee from Phoenix into an after lunch iced coffee if I add a scoop of ice around 11 am

I like the way it gets progressively weaker and weaker as the day rolls on

because by 5 pm, I don’t want to be chugging pure caffeine anyways, although I probably need it and may be happier with it

I don’t want it – I like my sleep when the sun goes down too much to start letting caffeine creep into my evenings – although it is tempting.

I needed that steady drip of caffeine today, which started with a 6 o’clock alarm for a 7 o’clock coffee date (hence the Phoenix coffee).


I need it because last night I went to sleep later than I should have, after sipping martinis with friends until the sun went down. I am not accustomed to mid-week drinking – is that a sign that I’m nearing 28?

Another gulp.

And now, as the residuals from my morning coffee have melted into something akin to caffeine-infused ice water I take sec to share some photos of my morning.

*taken on my iphone while waiting for my lovely coffee date to show up.

Maybe I’ll make a cup of coffee (decaf…or not) to keep me awake as I cheer on the Cavs…I think they can use all the enthusiasm they can get right now…


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