Saturday, April 24, 2010

our new addition...

Most of you know we are trying to have a baby.
When we do that will be our first human baby.
But when the time comes, we’ll have to introduce  human baby #1 to his/her first three siblings:

#1: Mea (White and fluffy, she was the first true addition to our family and I call her baby #1. I feel about her the way jennifer aniston felt about Marley in the movie Marley and Me)

#2: iPhone (It comes to bed with me most nights and is usually the first thing I blindly reach for in the morning. although I know this will probably change when we do have a human baby, I can imagine it will keep me company through many motherhood scenarios)

and now for our newest addition...i give you #3: 
MacBook Pro 

The newest addition to the family – I waiting patiently for over a year and now I have one in my hot little hands.) Actually on my hot little lap right now...

I had been saving money from christmas and birthdays for over a year when I finally had enough cash stuffed into an envelope and hidden in the back of my desk at home. But Curtis heard rumors that a new model was coming out soon, so he strongly encouraged me to wait. So like any good, submissive wife, i did just that...

I waited, and I waited. 

For years I have wanted a new laptop. My iBook was almost 8 years old and getting slower and slower. But I finally had enough money to purchase a new one and to be told to wait is a hard thing to do. But I did it because I knew I would be rewarded with the newest version of a brand new laptop if I did.

Then, almost two months later, the early morning announcement came – they had been released. I was like a kid on Christmas Eve. I set a reminder of my calendar to call the Apple store at 10 when they opened to see if they got their shipment.

So I waited, then I called and they hadn’t gotten them in yet.  Maybe that afternoon.

So I waited again and had Curtis call this time so I didn't sound like a stalker.

Still no luck.

At dinner that night Curtis asked me what I’d do if I found out right this minute that I was pregnant (he asked that because I was about a week late on my period). He wanted to know if I would buy the laptop or use that money to put toward the debt we're trying to pay off - I gave him a sad look.

I dunno, I responded.

I really wanted this laptop.

But I really wanted a baby too.

He told me to go pee on a stick. He knew I had one more left from the bunch I had bought at the dollar store almost a year and a half ago.

I knew what the result would be, but I did it anyways. (again, submissive wife!)

It was negative. but i already knew it would be.

The next day we went and bought my new computer. I brought my envelope of cash and paid with a thick stack of twenties.

Three hours later I got my period.

And as I was crawling into bed that night I thought to myself:

I would have given it up in a second.

So baby #4 isn’t here yet, so until he/she is here - in whatever way our future children come, I will enjoy this new computer for what it is.

Not a baby,
But a fun new toy to coddle and coo over 
(because the backlit keyboard and lightning fast speeds are pretty amazing!)


Amanda Kate said...


Rona said...

I like this baby. Not much trouble, doesn't talk back and has a warranty. If you break it, it can't tell anyone. Gotta love it!

CitricSugar said...

I'm jealous of baby number 3. May it give you many wonderful distractions until Baby 4.

I love that new baby computer fresh-out-of-the-box smell....

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