Saturday, April 10, 2010

it’s the little things:


dinner parties with friends that are more like family
lasagna and games and laughter late into the night
ceiling fans spinning all night
iced almond milk and espresso sipped through a straw
sunglasses necessary on the top of my head
hastas just starting to poke through ready ground
the warmth of the sunlight in our kitchen
eagerly planning my herb and vegetable garden
a single tulip poking through a mound of dirt
dirty bare feet that must be washed in the tub before crawling into cool sheets
buds sprouting out of every branch and tree and shrub
waking up before alarm clocks to birds chirping
saturday afternoon coffee dates to read and write and blog and bring my google reader down to 0 unread 
creating stories in my head as i people watch out of the window
instant messaging my husband as he sits beside me at startbucks

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