Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i'm really not as deep as you may think


Sometimes I get afraid that readers think I am way deeper than I am.
Lately all my posts seem deep and slow and dramatic.

I think it’s because, when I finally do force myself to sit and write,
What comes out is what’s I’ve been steeping over for days.

But I think what I’m missing is exactly what I love to read and see on other people’s blogs
The daily minutia, random posts about nonsense, recipes, quotes, photographs of nothing in particular and just daily life in general.

Lately those are the blogs I am drawn to –
The ones where not every post is a pouring out of the heart
But one that is honest, yet has a good mix of humor and lightheartedness about life as well.
The ones that make me feel like whatever they're doing during their day, i'm doing to.
Posts where i can relate and ones that make me think, huh, i did that today too and never thought of it that way.
that's beautiful to me.

Because we all know – life is funny if you let it be.

For example:

The looks of some people are often like a well-drawn comic book, and that’s funny to me. Their outfits, shapes, makeup – I like to stare (I get it from my dad – although I am way more conspicuous) and enjoy people-watching until my eyes start to droop. And it’s not that I’m judging people, I just see the curious beauty in everyone and really like to stare people down and create stories about them in my mind. As my dad would say, I’m an equal opportunity stare-er. I don’t discriminate and I do my best not to judge, but you have to admit, don’t some people just make you chuckle?

It’s funny the way some people rant about politics on facebook and others enjoy just telling the world what they’re making for dinner (I much prefer the menu posts)

It’s funny how I hate to get dressed for work in the morning, but the majority of my shoes are high heels. What am I going to do with all those shoes when I no longer have to dress up for an office job? Chase a toddler in stilettos?

And, it’s funny how some people get pregnant with a poke and some get to practice “trying” enough to make even a husband exhausted! I mean, seriously, if I can find the humor in that, I think I can find the humor in even the most dim situations.

There is humor all around me and if I am careful enough to approach a situation with a good sense of it, I think I am destined to keep myself from thinking I am out there in a serious world all by myself.


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