Thursday, March 18, 2010

a sweet surprise

I don’t want to really talk about last Saturday. Some days are better left as a distant memory.
It wasn’t the best day in the life of our marriage.
I was in a mood, which put Curtis in a mood and before we knew it there were tears far out of proportion to the situation and hurt feelings that could have been prevented and just a whole lot of grumpiness.

However, one nice thing to come out of Saturday was a sweet surprise from my dear husband.
A sweet surprise when I least expected it...or deserved it.

See, part of our “disagreement” (aka...nice word for fight) started while we were at Bed Bath & Beyond that morning.
I will spare you the messy details, but suffice it to say, we got into it on the way out, after having a leisurely, and quite pleasant, meander through the store.
It was during that first trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond of the day that I spotted “the bedding I never knew I always wanted.”


So we left, upset, annoyed at each other and stubborn (me being the stubborn one, of course). We got all the way home and to make a long story short, turned around and headed back to Bed, Bath & Beyond for our second trip of the morning. I stayed in the car as Curtis ran in to pick something up and came out with a bag heavier and bigger than it should have been.

I was still upset from before.

“Just look in the bag,” he prodded.

“I don’t want to,” I retorted.

“Oh, just do it.”


And what to my surprise was in the bag, but the small item he went in for and the bedding I had been drooling over.

“Take it back,” I huffed.

“Why?” he questioned, “you loved it an hour ago.”

“I don’t care. We don’t need it and you didn’t even use a coupon. We could’ve saved 20 bucks.”

I can’t remember how the conversation ended, but what I did know as that we drove out of the Bed, Bath & Beyond parking lot for the second time of the day, with bedding snug in the back seat, and nerves a little quieter.

After deciding that we were going to keep the bedding, I went on a hunt to find a coupon. After a trip to my grandmother’s house (unrelated, but producing a coupon, or two) I met my mom who also bore coupons in hand, and we descended on Bed, Bath & Beyond for a third time in a day. Curtis refused to go back out of principle. I didn’t care, I wanted my discount.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I ended up walking out that third time, having spent more money than I had saved, but couldn’t wait to get home to beautify our bed and show my generous husband.

Let me just say, I loved our old bedding. I bought it with my hard earned money a few months before our wedding. It was from Pottery Barn and was ex-pensive...more than I should have spent. But I loved it and made the splurge. A wedding gift to us. The problem was, it had a stark white background and over time, it started to turn dingy and unappealing. Then the thin, soft cotton started to rip, then I got waterproof mascara on it. And before long, it looked just plain gross. 

It was coming time to give it up, but we were trying to hold out as long as possible, in an effort not to spend the extra money. That is, until Saturday...

Here is the before and after for your reference…tell me what you think.



I happen to love it. It matches our walls, the sheets we already own, and goes well with the rest of the aesthetic of our house.

Saturday may not have been the best day in the history of our marriage, but by the end of the day we had forgotten all about our rough morning and fell into bed surrounded by the crisp feel and fresh smell of a new duvet (that Curtis just happened to say smelled of gasoline – it didn’t, but i wasn't going to let that turn into another argument!).

The whole situation was just a gracious reminder that a kind gesture can cover a multitude of unpleasant feelings and our marriage is made up of more than a few petty arguments on a Saturday morning.

*here are more pictures for your enjoyment:

...ahhhhh, i can't wait to go to bed tonight.


Quiet Oasis said...

when you see the before/after, the after is even more fabulous than if you'd just shown your purchase. I LOVE it.

And this is the exact reason my husband never enters any stores. And I rarely ask his opinion on a purchase.... and he never questions my purchase. Its better to just let the wife do her thing. :)

CitricSugar said...

I'd really is gorgeous bedding and sometimes you need a treat. After all, your bedroom should be special.

Just make sure you wash all your mascara off before you get in!! :-)

Amanda Kate said...

I love the print! It was a sure-fire good buy.

You've got yourself a good man too.

Marisa said...

it reminds me of that orly kiely print from a while back. looks lovely!

love your story, too. sounds like a story i could of written about me and the husband. :D

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