Saturday, March 20, 2010



The peace and beauty of a spring day
had descended upon the earth
like a benediction.
-Kate Chopin

This week has been infinitely better than last – minus the day of puking, but I don’t even care because last week was so horrible, in comparison, this week has been a breeze.

The week flew by and by Friday, I felt a sense of accomplishment. It was a good week and although it feels good to have it behind me, all was not lost in the last seven days.

I can’t complain. Although I know the weekend will feel too short and I will return to work on Monday wishing I had just one. more. day. off. Boy do I love my weekends. I usually start the countdown on Monday. pathetic, yes, i know.

Today is the first day of spring and I am ready for the season’s change.

I’m ready for skirts and bare legs, for sipping coffee on the sun porch, for grilling out and reading books in the backyard as my feet soak in the kiddie pool. I’m getting excited just thinking about warmer weather and evenings around the fire pit and smores and freckles.

I’m ready, how about you?


Kate said...

i'm ready for rides and walks on the bike trail and open windows blowing in the smell of lilacs and the sound of kids playing outside again!

jess said...

me too, except not the bike trail think, although i do wish we had one!

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