Thursday, March 18, 2010

the email chain

I get a lot of emails during the course of a day.

For example, Tuesday I was home sick with a migraine that left me vomiting into a trash can while still in bed.

When I finally got up at about 1:30, I opened my work laptop to see over 85 unread emails staring back at me.


Needless to say, my days are filled with emailing, mostly uninteresting, work related jargon.


Until yesterday…


I got the best email I have quite possible ever read.

So good, that I had to share…


It all started when I emailed my husband to see if he wanted to go to my parents for a little St. Patty's day dinner.

He told me he really didn't want to because:

a.)     He had "things" to do, and

b.)    He already ate corned beef and cabbage at work at 9 in the morning.

(things to do meaning "working" on his desktop computer")


I responded:


Do it for me : ) because you love me more than your silly desktop computer!

I didn't get to eat corned beef at 9am and my mom makes it yummy.

I don't even get to see the sunshine all day – be a darling and be my date!


To which he responded:


fine, but make it for 7:30 so I have some time


To which I responded:


That's too late – maybe 6:30 or so – you can play on your computer after dumdum


To which he responded:


your a computer!


To which I responded:


you love me more than your computer…right?

Sometimes I wonder…

You're getting a bit obsessive!


To which he responded (wait, this is the best part!):



Marked by patters of repeated behavior, for example:

                1.) painting your nails more than once a day

                2.) refusing to watch any television show that is not "reality"

                3.) interest in celebrities lives starring in the reality shows

                4.) hitting the "read" button on your Google reader, even though you didn't "read" it

                5.) marking things off of your to-do list, and then making a new list because the previous one had things marked off

                    and is no longer a "to-do"

                6.) checking facbook status updates before bed, then again when you wake up.


:-) My sudden interest in my desktop computer that has only been for a few days is not obsessive, and it is allowing me to realize how little "free time" I have that is truly "free." :-(


To which I responded:


You're adorable …can I turn this into a blog post?!


And ps – I haven't painted my nails in weeks! ha


To which, finally, he responded:


yes you may.


Then I responded:


Thank you kind sir.


Man, do I love this guy. Not only was he willing to waste valuable working time in this hilarious back and forth with me, he allows me to blog about it! I love my life and my crazy, computer-obsessed husband!


*These emails were taken directly from our email chain and not a word was removed. I hope you enjoyed as much as I did!


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