Wednesday, February 17, 2010

before and after + a love story

We don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day like other couples do. We usually exchange cards, or go out to dinner, but nothing extravagant. This year, however, my husband went over the top.

I have been complaining about my $20 flat iron for over a year now. Every time I get my hair done at the salon, i come home gushing over how silky straight she gets my hair with her salon flat iron.

Last year, while out shopping i spotted the flat iron that my hairdresser uses at 50% off. I didn't buy it. Even at 50% off it was expensive and I just couldn't justify the splurge.

Fast forward to last week. I spotted it again and remembered how much i wanted it. Curtis was with me and must've took mental note, because guess what he gave me for Valentine's Day?

I give you the before and after...

Curtis insisted that he take before and after photos of my hair. So I blow dried my hair and then let him take the before. He made me frown because that's what he said all before pictures look like.

I then waited the 30 seconds for the Chi to heat up to a whopping 400 degrees then went to town on my mane. Photos two and three are the afters. There is no comparison to my old flat iron. I think I'm in love.

This is a Valentine's Day love story if i've ever known one!


CitricSugar said...

Super sexy hair!!

That's a good man you got there. :-)

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