Sunday, January 17, 2010

when the cat's away, the mouse will...knit?

Curtis left this afternoon for his week in sunny southern california.
i was sad to see him go.

i think he was masking his excitement like i tried to mask mine last week when i got to go on my first business trip. i am so proud of him. right before the holidays he was given a much-deserved promotion and this is just the icing on the cake...although i do hope that he doesn't have to travel too often, i'm excited for him, just as he was excited for me.

but i miss him. already.

but when i got home from the airport i got down to business. i had a knitting project to finish. and that's exactly what i did.

cozy cowl

it's cozy and warm and my first cable knit project. it's not perfect, but quirky and fun.
so i'm going to take a risk and do my first blog giveaway.

{not sure how this will go over, or if anyone will even want it, but if not - it's okay,  because in that case i'll just keep it for myself}

just leave a comment, and i will choose one comment-er at random on friday and will then send you this handknit cowl scarf as my gift to you.


david said...

i dont wnt your cowl whatever that means but i wanted to leave a message to make sure you got many messages. love you ..Dad

Femi said...

me likey. well done, j.

Amie said...

It looks so cute and so snuggley- beautiful! Great handy-work Jess, I would be proud to show that off :)

Curtis said...


CitricSugar said...

Okay, Curtis... you're hilarious. Correct and hilarious.

I absolutely would love to have that cowl so I would absolutely love to be entered. Great work - I learned cables last year and those do not look like first-time cables... Lovely work!!!

Anonymous said...
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Aili said...

I'm trying to teach myself how to knit again and getting so frustrated! You've inspired me to keep trying! :)

rebeccaquarles said...

So happy that I stumbled on your blog today. Would love to be entered!

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