Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eaten alone: a study of the dinners I ate alone {or didn’t eat alone} this week:


Last weekend i had in my mind that i would be spending a lot of time alone during the week while Curtis was in Cali. I had planned out in my head the things that i would do, the meals i would make, the sleep i would catch up on...

not so, my friends, this was not so.

First, i did not get more than five full hours of sleep any night this past week. Disappointing and exhausting. I found that without a good-looking man next to me, telling me when it's time to go to bed, and  bugging me to turn off my bedside lamp and go to bed, i stayed up later than i have in years. I spent my nights getting into bed and reading, then thinking of something i should do and getting up numerous times before playing on my phone in the dark.

i do not like to sleep alone. that is just a fact that i have now come to grips with.

And all the meals i had planned to cook for myself - well, most just didn't pan out. Let's break it down:

Sunday night after dropping off Curtis at the airport, I was just getting over a migraine, so I went the easy route and had a Lean Cuisine. It was a new Thai-noodley type deal and it wasn't bad. Pathetic, but not bad.

Monday night, in an effort to again not cook for myself, I invited myself to mooch off of my parents. My mom and I ended up making an savory Indian dinner of homemade butter chicken, stir fried veggies and brown rice. It was good, and while i was there, i started my next sweater-knitting-project. but more on that another time.

Tuesday night I didn’t have to cook either. I had bible study that night, and Keith and Lily (our lovely hosts and new friends) had mercy on my single state and invited me over for dinner beforehand. We feasted on creamy, homemade chicken noodle soup, salad and warm bread. It was wonderful and the company was even better.

Wednesday night I did in fact cook for myself. I was originally supposed to have a friend from work over but she had to cancel last-minute because of some unexpected work stuff, so I took it upon myself to make what we were planning on making together. I made a little homemade calzone for myself - stuffed with mozerella, carmelized onions and spicy turkey sausage and ate it on the couch as I watched some mind-numbing tv.

Thursday night I ate the rest of my calzone from the night before and a huge glass of OJ. I went between watching the Thursday night shows, doing laundry, dishes and started making homemade cards on the living room floor. Not really sure what got into me, but i was having a creative spark and wanted to take full advantage of it.

Friday night my days of solo dining were finally over {for the week at least} and my handsome husband came home to me. I picked him up from the airport just in time for dinner. We ended up running home for a bit before treking back out for some cheap mexican. tamales for him and carne asada tacos for me. it was just nice to be able to talk for more than five minutes - boy did i miss this boy.

It’s not exactly the week of dining alone that I had planned, but it was a good opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of dining with friends, savoring some time alone and letting absense make the heart grow fonder. It was a pleasant week for what it was, but i am so glad that i am no longer the lone ranger in this house of two.


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