Thursday, January 14, 2010

another thursday and halfway through


This morning before work I had my weekly pre-dawn coffee date with my friend {Judy}.

It is not unusual for us to speak of a hundred things in the hour{or more} that we try to get together once a week. In an early-morning caffeine-induced state, our conversation in usually all over the place – catching up, small talk and stories from our week, but it usually comes back around to truths we are learning in our  journey {and oftentimes struggle} to read through the entire bible.

We thought it would take us a year, but looking back, I’m glad we didn’t rush it. It has been nearly a year and a half now and we are just finishing up the Old Testament {this week actually, if we both keep our end of the deal…meaning, cough cough... if I finish up the few books I have left and she reads the last page or two.}

But even through the challenge to read through hundreds of pages of history {because that is what it is really} it has been a fascinating journey to learn about our past, our history and fully {or as much as we possibly can} understand the big picture of the bible. We both agree that we should have done this long ago – to study the book that we claim is the basis of our Christian faith – as a whole. It has become more than historical {although it is certainly that as well} manuscript, it has become a study in faith, and trusting in things you have yet to see, and master plans and sovereign grace.

I read the term “thick beauty” today referring to something else much less holy, but in this case, I think it fits. This book we call The Bible is a book jam-packed with “thick beauty”. Deep, often hard to swallow truths that are heavy and "thick", but beautiful nonetheless.

In 2010 I hope to have finished reading the bible from cover to cover – not to simply say I have done it, but to be changed by the words that I have read. But if it takes another two or 12 years to finish, then I’m okay with that too – because it’s not about the pace, but the purpose.  


Marisa said...

what a wonderful goal. and i love the last line of this blog... "not pace, but purpose." applicable to so many parts of our lives.

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