Thursday, January 21, 2010

an announcement...of sorts

I found a new blog this week that I wanted to share. It is called {A Commonplace Life}
and somehow I came across her post where she explains her blog’s name. I found this very interesting, and something within the explanation resonated with my need to document, write, share and preserve.


A Commonplace Life
JANUARY 25, 2009

I do not intend the title I have chosen for this project to imply that I consider my life in anyway mundane (although it certainly has its moments) or uninteresting. (The extent of any interest by others, however, remains to be seen.) Rather I seek to find the beauty and treasure in the ordinary and common. To record the joy in everyday moments.

The tradition of the Commonplace Book (or Commonplacing) dates back to 15th Century Europe. Printed texts were scarce. Scholars artists and scientists recorded memorable passages they had read, into a blank book of pages. The tradition evolved to incorporate medicinal recipes, quotes, letters, proverbs, prayers, weights and measures and more. The resulting commonplace book would have been unique to its creator’s theme and interests.

Often these early scrapbooks were treated by their authors as finished works. They were given elaborate titles and compiled neatly from rough notes and preserved with special care that demonstrated their importance.

True to the origin of the word, a commonplace remark or written passage is neither dull nor trite as the usual sense of ‘commonplace’ would suggest, but rather worth remembering or quoting.

Welcome to my commonplace book. Thank you for visiting.


This post brings me to my latest “announcement”, and part of the reason I think this post has resonated with me so.
I am a keeper of words, a documenter of things that I hold dear, a girl in love with other people’s words.

I have shared some of my favorite quotes with you before, and yet my quote notebooks are full of others, most not yet shared.

So, without further ado…

Welcome to my newest project:

{Worth Repeating}

(because if you have two blogs, why not three?!)

This is my newest “blog”, intended to give me a space to house and grow my collection of favorite words, sentences, paragraphs and passages. A searchable space, and a space to share the words, which I have accumulated since my teenage years, with readers that find inspiration, as I do, in the wisdom of others. It may be a slow growing collection, but it will grow, as collections are apt to doing and I invite you to take advantage of my collection and share quotes of your own, that have inspired you as well.

This is my Commonplace Book of sorts…

*and don't forget to check back on Saturday for the winner of the cabled cowl...


CitricSugar said...

Her blog IS really great. Followed it for a while now... Beautiful insights.

Amie said...

wonderful idea for your new blog! I am a quotaholic, so this will be a fun place :) Love the name too!

Amy said...

I think it's a lovely idea as well and I'm pleased that something I wrote struck you in that way. I'll be watching your blog!

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