Sunday, January 10, 2010

home again, home again, jiggety jig


this was the view i've had for the past few days...not too shabby, right?!
i couldn't have asked for a better first business was so great that i almost forgot i was working.
delectable seafood, productive meetings with great clients, my first massage, a fun travel companion and even a little bit of sunshine soaked into very pastey pores.

I was gone only two nights and three days, but i found myself missing my man something awful. every mouth-watering meal i ate, vodka tonic i drank, ocean view i enjoyed and amazing bed i slept in, i wished he was there. it was like i was vacationing without him and i wished i could have flown him down and snuck him in my room from the moment we checked in.

but, before i knew it, i was home again and life was back to normal. there were bills to be paid, grocery shopping to do and a day left of the weekend to spend with my better half. 

and to celebrate - homemade steak and black bean enchiladas.

i will not lie, i love sunshine and seafood and waking up to the ocean's waves, but i love home and husband even more. and i must admit, i'm actually looking forward to a low-key week in snowy cleveland together, catching up and enjoying a slow week before he has his chance to enjoy his first business trip in sunny california.


Chris, Leanne, and Mark said...

Your trip sounds amazing and you are so much fun to read-- you should write a book. I love google reader! Thanks for the tip!

Jess said...

haha - thanks...maybe one day :)
i'm glad you're liking g.reader - i'm addicted! we need to plan another game night btw! i think we may be turning into "gamers" !!!

Amie said...

We looooove games too. Can we crash the party :)

Anonymous said...

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