Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the twelfth month


I cannot believe it is already December 1.

Now the holidays are officially underway and I’m in the Christmas spirit.

Our house is festive, our tree is decorated and our front door glows from dusk till dawn.

I have a handful of gifts left to find, buy and wrap, half-finished handmade Christmas cards sitting on the dining room table and a new knitting project underway…

I’m anxious for evenings, now just in a new way…

In summer it was to grill out and relax outside, soaking in every last ray of sunlight that I missed throughout the day – staying outside well past dark, enjoying the warmth, the moonlight, the quick flying days between may and august.

Now, as the weather grows colder I am anxious to get home, trade skirts for sweats, curl up on the couch, under a blanket with my knitting on my lap, or a book. I seldom see daylight anymore, unless it is a Saturday or Sunday – I have no windows in my office and usually leave and return when the sun is down.

So now, snow is in the forecast and I am trying to settle in for the season.

A season of hibernation {although not isolation} in preparation for spring and all that the season of new beginnings has to offer.

But I won't get ahead of myself. I will enjoy this season. of dusk till dawn and fires and hands warmed on cups of tea and cocoa. of books read and words written. of nighttime and waiting and silence and snow.


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