Friday, December 4, 2009

time to process


I am no longer surprised when my cycle comes -

No longer overwhelmingly sad or depressed or disheartened.

I see the pieces of our lives falling into place and am increasingly aware of the gift of perfect timing –

Timing that we, luckily, have no control over.

A few nights ago we had a great night with friends we are slowly getting to know better.

An inquisitive, thoughtful group that understands us, and somehow, we them

It was good to be around people with whom we feel a connection

A deep, rooted, unspoken bond.

We left in that unmistakable, curious caffeine-laced way that we often do after we’ve been together. Like sleep is unnecessary and thoughts are unending. But because sleep is, in fact, not only necessary, but desired, we fell into cotton, crochet and down within minutes of arriving home. Slept soundly and woke up, still thinking from the night before.

There is a lot on my mind, even today, and not enough time or energy to give myself over to the thoughts that are swirling. But they are there, surely not going anywhere...and looking forward to the weekend, giving time to process.

*crooked photo of my advent calendar


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